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An installation made for The Climbing Academy in Glasgow. Again this was a site specific piece responding to the space. I was inspired by the variety of shapes and colours of the climbing holds, and thought that taken out of context there is a lot of potential for a really interesting piece. I used old holds from TCA, creating a direct link back to the center and I really like the idea of re-purposing holds that are no longer useful,  giving them new life but still in the same environment. It is about using objects that are very familiar in that context but in a new and interesting way. I have combine the original holds from TCA with holds that I have casted in wax, these are more translucent and catch the light. They add contrast to the old holds and makes the piece more unusual. 


Materials: Re used climbing holds, rope, wax moulds, metal bars 

Length: 2m  Width: 1.5  Depth: 1.5 

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